Installation on Windows and Docker

The following instructions are for installing development environment on Windows and Docker, as well as for documentation environment on Linux. You can see more detailed instructions that include the Mac OS X operating system here.

In any case, the main objective is to install DNVM and DNU. With these tools you can then install specific DNX flavours to develop your .NET applications, including ASP.NET 5 projects.

Installation on Windows

For Windows you have the choice of whether using Visual Studio or not, using it is recommended. Visual Studio 2015 was released on July 20th and Microsoft provides a free community version. When installing it, be sure to select the Microsoft Web Developer Tools checkbox. This will install ASP.NET 4 and 5.

You can also install ASP.NET 5 without Visual Studio. To do this you just have to run a one-liner command provided in the ASP.NET home repo README file, either the Powershell or the CMD version.

Installation on Docker

Clone the ASP.NET5CO repository

$ git clone ''

Checkout master branch

$ cd aspnet5co
$ git checkout origin/master
$ git checkout master

Locally build the image with the project’s Dockerfile

$ IMAGE=aspnet5co-base
$ sudo docker build -t aspnet5co-base .

Create/run the container. Note that CONTAINERPORT matches the PORT in the Dockerfile.

$ CONTAINERVOLUME=/aspnet5co_vol
$ NAME=aspnet5co-dev

Inside the container, create user aspnet5co_user with UID same as the environment variable ASPNET5CO_USER. Supply a password, it’s ok to forget/lose it.

root@aspnet5co-dev:/# adduser --uid $ASPNET5CO_USER aspnet5co_user

Exit the container

root@aspnet5co-dev:/# exit

The container created in can be used to run and manage DNX applications and also to create scaffolds/templates.