Introduction to project ASP.NET5CO

ASP.NET5CO is a project that comprises the efforts by Pedro Ivan Lopez to socially and technically advocate the ASP.NET 5 framework. M.C. Aída Lucina González Lara is the project advisor at FIME/UANL. .


Currently ASP.NET is one of the most used and recognized web frameworks. Originally released on 2002 by Microsoft, the most recent release is version 4.5 dated August, 2012. It features all the expected from clean and modularized web framework, including web services, web applications and web sites. ASP.NET allows developers to deploy any supported .NET language in the server side, given that it is built on top the Common Language Runtime.

ASP.NET is certainly a mature software project and suitable for intensive applications at the enterprise level. Its evolution is watched by many and taken into account even if not used. One popular feature of some web sites running on ASP.NET is that their URLs finish on aspx or asp, for example


ASP.NET is currently being revised and re-implemented as a modular, lean and cross platform framework for its next release version 5, offering very important and desirable features and advantages. The license of the software and the development methodology by Microsoft allows the project to benefit from feedback and interaction with the community.

The main goal of this project is advocate the new version of the framework and attract interest from IT professionals, as well as instruct developers into the use of this version of the technology. It has been expressed by the development team that ASP.NET 5 will be released later in 2015, see Project Roadmap.


ASP.NET is open source and its development version 5 is currently in the works, with the official repositories hosted at Github. The license of the source code is Apache 2.0, which an open source license approved by the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative.

The community and the Microsoft team interact with each other to raise issues, make suggestions, request features or simply ask questions. All development work is transparent at the commit level and the discussion is public too.


ASP.NET 5 represents a rethinking and re-design of .NET server side technologies, and it will impact all the current and future marketshare of the framework. Notably, Microsoft and related organizations are betting on open source and community driven progress across their whole server technology stack. It’s expected that the new release of ASP.NET positively synergizes with other open source projects and events, including but not limited to:

  • Release of .NET CoreCLR

  • Release of .NET 5 as open source

  • Founding of the .NET Foundation.

  • Use of Github as the main platform for discussion and transparent development.

Proposal and goals

ASP.NET5CO is a project that comprises the efforts by Pedro Ivan Lopez to socially and technically advocate the ASP.NET 5 framework and to introduce developers and other IT professionals to it.

The goals of the project are:

  • Publicly advocate ASP.NET, as well as .NET & Web technologies in general.

  • Introduce the new technology to technical and non-technical audiences.

    • Developers both new to .NET & ASP.NET or experienced in previous versions.

    • Business leaders looking into integrating modern and robust web technologies in their planning.

  • Identify needs and feature requests of the development version of ASP.NET and other related open source project in the .NET community.

  • Test previews versions of ASP.NET 5 and Visual Studio 2015.