Methodology, stages and activities

Except for stage Be social about project, all stages are listed in chronologically order.

  • The core concepts related to the design and purpose of ASP.NET will be reviewed.

  • Study the history of ASP.NET.

  • Study the historical relationship of ASP.NET with other major projects within the .NET ecosystem.

Set development environment

Since ASP.NET 5 is cross platform, the available platforms for development are Windows, Linux and OS X.

  • ASP.NET on Linux and OS X requires Mono. A development environment will be set up on a Docker container and a docker file will be provided.

  • Equivalent versions of the development environment on Windows will be shown.

  • Getting to know the development workflow and tools.

  • Set up credentials for communities across the web.

Understand architectural concepts

  • Achieve a deeper understanding of the relationship between ASP.NET and other important projects within the .NET and Web communities, especially those that are currently in development.

  • Understand the relationship between the ASP.NET and other recent projects such as Roslyn, ASP.NET MVC 6 and .NET 5.

  • Be able to describe high level designs of solutions for specific applications, by combining ASP.NET with other related technologies and their respective development versions.

  • Be aware of the upcoming features of the future releases.

Be social about project

This is a stage that can be reached at any point in time of the work in the project. Once reached, should be maintained indefinitely. The activities involved are:

  • Setting up a public website to distribute documentation about the project. The website should be easy to maintain and built with modern technologies, as well as it should distribute insightful content that helps readers become advocates and/or collaborators of project ASP.NET. Additionally the website should support multiple devices including smartphones and tablets.

  • Participate in discussions and talk about issues.

  • Being willing to publicy talk about ASP.NET and using opportunities to do so. The reader is encouraged to share and use my contact information for all things related ASP.NET 5.

  • Preparation of talks for both technical and non-technical audiences.


The activities are:

  • Community work done is judged adequate enough and adequate to be graded as the assigned academic project.

  • Personally, advocacy will continue.