Node.js with Visual Studio

Copy from template

You can either clone from a repo or copy a solution directory

Clone from public repo

$ git clone '' new-project-js

Open solution file (extension sln) with Visual Studio 2015. Right click project -> npm -> Install new npm packages. Install dev local dependency mocha saving to package.json. This lets VS2015 find the tests with test explorer.

Make sure the properties of the test .js files have property TestFramework = Mocha.

Test Explorer should now show the tests.

Copy solution directory

Just copy solution directory.

Edit template

Check that VS2015 Test explorer sees and is able to run tests.

Rename solution and project from VS2015.

Edit and package.json files in projects.

Close solution.

Re-open solution with VS2015.

Check tests run OK.

Remove .git directory and initialize a new one.