This is the November 2015 in review post. The previous monthly review post is here. The contents are:

Fun with JavaScript

(1)In order to practice software engineering skills and Node.js application design, and also just because it’s fun, I created the Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript project. Its purpose is to implement common and custom versions of data structures and algorithms in JavaScript and other related languages like TypeScript. It is a Visual Studio solution that uses the plugin Node.js Tools for Visual Studio, and it consists of 2 projects: one for coding the main types and the other for (unit-)testing them with Mocha.

The project is complementary to Data Structures and Algorithms in C#, depending on the problem at hand I will decide whether to leverage the dynamic nature of JavaScript or the more static features of C#.

Public code repositories activity

Progress on projects:


Folding@Home during November I scored 28,114 points, completed 53 work units and ranked 47th of all the members of The Longevity Meme team, overtaking fellow folder BrentErskine. A graph of total daily production history during November can be found here. Also, during this month I reached 1 million points total.

I made a small donation to the SENS Research Foundation to help with their end of year fundraiser. Currently, the numbers look good and it seems likely they will reach the goal. Please donate!

  1. The post October 2015 in review mistakenly reported the creation of the Data structures and algorithms in JavaScript project when in fact at that time such project had not been published yet. It was the Software engineering problems in JavaScript project the one that was published during October.