About me

My name is Pedro Ivan Lopez1. I’m a software engineer interested in large scale systems and the Web. I hold a Master’s degree in Information Engineering. I live near Monterrey, México. [photo]

My professional interests are software development, Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, .NET, web/HTTP, ASP.NET, Node.js, Unix/Linux and open source.

My personal interests are software/computers, rationality, TV/films, music, English, medicine, biotech, philanthropy, philosophy and reducetarianism.

For other personal stuff, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

PGP public key | fingerprint: 7E7B 148F FA0F 101A 2506 D3AD C1FB 65BC 220B 9160

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About the website

This site is created with Jekyll and hosted at GitHub Pages. You are encouraged to send general comments, broken links reports, corrections, and so on to m@pedroivanlopez.com . The ideas expressed on this website do not necessarily represent the opinion of my employer or any other organization.

This site has been active since november 2011 and is permanently under construction.

The source code is in this public GitHub repository.

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  1. Pronounced /’pɛdrɔ ˈaɪ vən ˈlɔpɛs/, see this FAQ