Decrease today’s new card limit

In short, this is accomplished by burying all new cards and then unburying new cards selectively. After you have buried all new cards, open the browser and search deck:deckname is:new1. Display the Due field, which should display integers numbers in parentheses. Select all the cards you want to unbury, and then go to Edit -> Reschedule. In the Reschedule dialog, select Place at the end of new card queue and click OK.

Bury all new cards of a deck

This has to be done manually. Click on the deck, and then on Custom study. Select Study by card state or tag, then New cards only and select a number of cards sufficiently large to pull all new cards from the deck. Click on Choose tags. In the Selective Study window, select tags if needed, then click on OK.

A new Custom Study Session deck is created. Start studying, and bury every card when shown. You can do this quickly by pressing the - key repeatedly. Then delete the Custom Study Session deck.

  1. Add other search conditions as needed, for example -is:suspended