Music videos

Check out these videos of me playing bass. Here’s the playlist on YouTube.


Music is one of my main interests. At heart, I’m a rhythm kind of guy, so I tend to listen more to metal (progressive, tech, death, etc.), EDM and some jazz/fusion too. I also enjoy ambient and film music among other genres.

Most of my involvement in music has been passive, meaning listening to music and thinking about it. But I also play a few instruments, mostly bass, and some guitar too. I was a member of the power/heavy metal band HeavenForce, and I recorded the bass guitar for their release In The Gates of Space.

I initially wanted to play drums, but after realizing that I wouldn’t be able to purchase a drum kit in the near future as a teenager without a lot of money, I bought a cheap electric guitar which I still own, a Yamaha Pacifica 112. After a few years of playing the guitar, I borrowed a bass guitar from a friend and switched to it almost entirely. Then I bought an Ibanez GSR180 bass guitar which is my primary instrument since then.