This is the April 2016 in review post. The previous monthly review post is here. The contents are:

Technical notes

Previously I used to keep technical notes as gists. Now I am writing them on my main website, which makes it easier to manage and find them. Ideally, I should publish them as blog posts, but I don’t have enough time to write them up properly. Instead, I’m writing them in a somewhat crude way.

The index is here, and as of now there are notes on the following topics: Python, rsync, rsnapshot, dd, S.M.A.R.T., sudo, Windows OS, digiKam, Digitizing Hi8 cassettes, Digitizing VHS cassettes, ffmpeg, KeePass and Node.js.

Public code repositories activity

Progress on projects:

74 commits total.


  • I spent time digitizing some family videos from VHS and Hi8 formats.

  • My personal website got 389 views.


Folding@Home during April I scored 4,306 points, completed 10 work units and ranked 46th out of all the members of The Longevity Meme team, overtaking fellow folder www.imminst.org1. My total score is 1,158,133 at the time of this writing. A graph of total daily production history during April can be found here.

  1. == LongeCity