This is the December 2015 in review post. The previous monthly review post is here. This month was kind of slow, which usually is the case because of the holiday season. The contents are:


I started the syspol-js project, a Node.js package that helps system administrators to enforce and implement syspol policies. It is a Visual Studio solution that uses the plugin Node.js Tools for Visual Studio, and it consists of 2 projects: one for coding the API and the other for (unit-)testing it with Mocha.

Other Node.js-based packages that help to implement and enforce private policies can depend on syspol-js. Just as with the policies themselves, if publishing code related to a particular policy doesn’t create serious security risks, consider sharing it by integrating it into syspol-js.

Public code repositories activity

Progress on projects:

53 commits total.


Folding@Home during December I scored 30,021 points, completed 57 work units and ranked 47th out of all the members of The Longevity Meme team. My total score is 1,100,891 at the time of this writing. A graph of total daily production history during December can be found here.

While trying to make a donation to the Brain Preservation Foundation, I ran into some problems that apparently prevented the donation from being accepted, at least temporarily. Donations to the Brain Preservation Foundation are processed by JustGive, a “nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase charitable giving by connecting people with the charities and causes they care most about”.

Unfortunately, it seems that the JustGive’s website doesn’t allow international donors to input their billing addresses to exactly match their bank records. I will follow up on this situation with the Brain Preservation Foundation and JustGive.


  • I spent some time converting and compressing some family videos from VHS/analog format to digital formats.

  • My personal website got 511 views.