This is the July 2016 in review post. The previous monthly review post is here. The contents are:


I started the timeman project, a Python 3 package that provides simple types for time management. It is a refactored port of a personal old Python 2 project I worked on a few years ago.

Public code repositories activity

Progress on projects:

  • Personal website. [36 commits]:
    • General maintenance and miscellaneous content
    • Updated/added tech notes on
      • ffmpeg: screencast on Linux w/ PulseAudio + microphone with format H.264+Vorbis+Matroska, video 2 GIF
      • S.M.A.R.T.: lifetime/age, short and long tests
      • ExifTool: read/remove all tags, use date/time shift feature, simple script to write metadata
      • Kdenlive: Installation on Fedora systems and video about simple POSIX shell cut/trim
      • digiKam: Non-simultaneous multiple instances & DB cleanup
      • GIMP: Adding backgrounds to images without it, converting images to black and white or grayscale
  • timeman. [10 commits]. See section timeman.
    • Simple usage via scripts
  • dotfiles. [1 commit]. Added alias for datetime in ISO 8601 format.

47 commits total.


I made a donation to the SENS Research Foundation through the / Life Extension Advocacy Foundation to help with their crowdfunding campaign for the OncoSENS Control ALT Delete Cancer project. At the time of this writing, the total amount pledged is 23,815 USD backed by 255 donors. The campaign ends on August 18, 2016.

Folding@Home during July I scored 43,049 points, completed 43 work units and ranked 45th out of all the members of The Longevity Meme team. My total score is 1,259,213 at the time of this writing. A graph of total daily production history during July can be found here.


  • My personal website got 672 views.

  • Published a screencast video about Kdenlive