This is the September 2015 in review post. The previous monthly review post is here. The contents are:

Blog post: Notes on restoring a Nexus device to Android factory image

I wrote a short post to group some notes on restoring Nexus devices to factory images (AKA stock ROMs), referring to one of my previous guides and to Google’s official documentation. In addition, I show how to flash the image on a RAM constrained development host.

Update on Syspol

Last month I started the Syspol project with the goal of defining a cross-platform system policy for applications and environments to implement partially or completely, therefore reducing design efforts in such programs and environments.

After a few days I started to wonder about the security implications of publishing my main system policies, which of course would end up being deployed to my current environments. I haven’t thought much about it, instead I just created a private repository to hold the same policies that Syspol is supposed to group.

The security risks of publishing system policies are to be evaluated on a case by case basis, and the risky stuff can always be privately maintained instead. This can be defined as a Syspol policy itself: define/maintain a private Syspol project that extends the public one; if publishing a policy doesn’t create serious security risks, consider sharing it by integrating it into (the public) Syspol.

In other words, some policies I originally expected to add to Syspol will instead go to my private-syspol first. Note that this doesn’t apply for all kinds of policies, for example programming patterns will most likely be directly added to the public version of the project.

Public code repositories activity

Progress on projects:


I spent some hours getting together with friends to talk about effective altruism and other philanthropy topics on two occasions.

Folding@Home during September I scored 25,382 points completing 48 work units and ranked 48th of all the members of the The Longevity Meme team. A graph of total daily production history for September can be found here.


Miscellaneous activities:

  • Gave a presentation about my project ASP.NET5-Co to a small group of professors at UANL. Slides here.
  • Switched from plain Node.js/ShellJS scripts to Gulp for tasks automation on the client and in general.

  • Switched from manual management of web client dependencies to automatic management with Bower.

  • My personal website got 1,273 views.

  • Made some time for playing bass and guitar after a few months months without playing.