This is the August 2016 in review post. The previous monthly review post is here. The contents are:

Public code repositories activity

Progress on projects:

  • Personal website. [31 commits]:
    • General maintenance and miscellaneous content
    • Implemented automatic generation of text/image links to social network profiles
    • Added tech notes:
      • ImageMagick:
        • Short Python script to recursively convert images in a directory
        • Create thumbnails in PNG format
      • .NET: Avoid segmentation faults on kernel 4.6.x
  • timeman: [1 commits]
  • pysyspol: [3 commits]
    • Added script to randomize units of a paragraph
    • Implemented pysyspol.util.getdir
  • dotfiles: [2 commits] .NET Core and Visual Studio Code configuration
  • Data Structures Algorithms in C#: [4 commits]
    • Ported to .NET core,
    • Imported to Visual Studio Code
  • resources-viewer: [6 commits] Browser based static app to view resources

47 commits total.


Donated to Nikola Danaylov’s crowdfunding campaign for Singularity 1 on 1, one of my favorite podcasts.

Folding@Home during August I scored 40,602 points, completed 54 work units and ranked 45th out of all the members of The Longevity Meme team. My total score is 1,302,814 at the time of this writing. A graph of total daily production history during August can be found here.


  • My personal website got 838 views.